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So my Sociology professor is starting to grow on me. The first time I met him, i wanted to get out of that class as soon as possible. But I decided to stick it out and deal with him. I'm glad I did because the discussions we have in that class are actually pretty interesting. And he's a dick yes, but he's only a dick to people that deserve it...and there are plenty of people like that in my class.
We were having a discussion the other about how gender affects how you are viewed in society. He began by talking about how men are supposed to be all masculine, strong, take the lead, etc. But then he started talking about how men act within a relationship with a woman..and goes "'s simple. All you have to do pretend that your boyfriend/husband is severely handicapped. So next time he does something stupid, or the next time you're talking to him, just keep in mind that he is severely handicapped. That's just how we are."

The warm weather recently has really motivated me to be productive. I'm just not motivated to do anything when it's cold outside. The cold weather makes me not want to get out of bed and just stay home all day. Hopefully this warm weather will be sticking around. It's also so much more pleasant to walk around campus when it's 50 degrees, compared to 10 degrees.
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