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I don't even know what to say about yesterday.

I went to school at 8 to find out my grade for Nursing and to get evaluated by my professor. I get there and the professor comes in and asks to see the girl sitting next to me..i find out she failed the course, which really really took me by surprise. And that has got to be the worst go through the whole course working your ass off, which I know she was doing, and the very last day find out that you have to take the course over b/c you failed by a point or two. 3 people total failed the course. 71 is failing.
Anyway, so somehow this whole thing lasted over 3 hours, don't ask me why...I was there until 11 and I had my Anatomy final at 12:30 which I had barely studied for. So I got something to drink and sat in my car and studied for that. (studied/passed out momentarily)

At 12:30 I went and took my anatomy final and did alright. Then i had 2 hours before my psych final, so I went home and ate lunch and looked over my notes for that test. Went back to school at 3:30 to take that test and a different professor walks in the room, introduces herself and says that our professor had a healthy baby boy last night..which was perfect b/c I really liked her and i always hoped that she didn't have her baby half-way through the semester and then we would have to get another professor for the rest of the semester. So i thought that was pretty cool.

Then I came home and passed out but was woken up an hour later by lisa playing her keyboard really really loud in her room, right above my bedroom. But the thing is she wasn't even practicing her music..she was playing the same few bars of music over and over again, each time changing the sound on the keyboard..first it was piano, then flute, trumpet, drums, chimes, and then she has this one setting that when you press a key it makes it sound like a screaming women. And then I didn't have enough time before my meeting to eat i got taco bell on the way home. And I went to the meeting with just my brother b/c my mom and sister were sick. So on the way home from the meeting my brother and I bonded. aw.

We came home, I ate my dinner and watched Whos Line is it Anyway, which i found more hilarious than usual. Then i went to bed at 11. Then i woke up this morning with the worst migraine ever. and wasn't actually able to eat anything until 1:00. And now I waiting for the couch guys to come with our couch..they said they would be here between 11:00-2:00..and it's 2:30 now. liars. And later I believe I'm going out with my dad.

You know..the semester is over, the stress is gone, i have an entire month off to would think I would be happy.
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